Cheaper and more reliable monitoring of basic education program

RCG’s Phillip Belling helped make the monitoring of a major basic education program in Vietnam cheaper and more reliable. His M&E design and technical advice resulted in a streamlined M&E framework — fewer indicators, but the right indictors to keep the focus on greater participation, better teaching and improved learning.

Phillip’s work on the program, known as SEQAP, helped to sharpen the focus of institutional processes on quality teaching and learning for the most disadvantaged groups of girls and ethnic minority children at 1,600 schools in remote and rural areas. His work supported monitoring systems for improved pedagogical practice, and training in child-centred learning.

Phillip summarised the findings from his work in a research paper that he delivered at the annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in Washington DC in 2015. The paper analyzed the policy settings that were most likely to bring about sustainable improvements in equitable access and education quality in remote and rural Vietnam.